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Chattanooga Cheapskate Has Moved!

July 22, 2009

What are you doing at my old address pretty lady?!  Grab the gals and come on over to my new home!


We are now at  Your bookmarks may be for, and so you need to bookmark the new site instead!  Come read, comment, rant, rave, and join in the Extreme Coupon Nerdiness on which we all thrive!!


Cheapskating through the Twittersphere

July 3, 2009


Okay, I’m not very tech-savvy, but I’m pretty sure there are great-grandmothers out there who twitter.  So I figured it was time for Chattanooga Cheapskate to get itself Twitter-fied. I’m going to start out by putting up the RSS feed on the bottom of the sidebar, so you can see what kind of stuff gets tweeted.  However, I’m kind of considering letting all of you have the password/sign-in info so we can be sort of a twitter-forum.  Everyone could then drop their hints and news bits into one spot for all to see.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  Terrible, horrible idea?

Okay, in the meantime though- look for me on Twitter under the username: cheapskating

You can subscribe to my twitter updates for real-time tidbits about deals, freebies, and general couponing whatnots.

Here’s the RSS feed for Cheapskating, enjoy!

Some Sweet Coupons

July 3, 2009


Ovaltine and Juicy Juice coupons are pretty hard to come by- so although I think I’ve mentioned this before, I’m going to just throw it out there again:  I got an email from Nestle today, and if you are a member (or if you quick join) their Nestle Family mailing list, you can print out $6 of great coupons!  You should be able to print out 2 of each by using the back button- so that’s a nice little stash to tuck away for later. Here’s the goodies:

  • $1/2 ANY Juicy Juice
  • $1 Off Stouffer’s Family or Skillet Meals
  • $1 Off Nestle Miniatures Bag
  • 60¢ Off Ovaltine (Debbie, are you seeing this??)
  • $2 Off Boost Kid Essentials
  • 75¢ Off Nestle Tollhouse Morsels

✭✭Family Is Its Own Reward @ the Ooltewah Publix!!: ALREADY GONE

July 2, 2009

Guys.  I’m not going to lie.  I actually had A DREAM a couple nights ago that I found the Family Is Its Own Reward coupon book.  How sad is that?  Well, let me tell you, it is S-A-D.  I felt pretty pathetic for a day or so until I realized that apparently it was A PROPHETIC DREAM!  While reading over the Southern Savers comments section, a beautiful glowing fairy named Jennifer dropped the news that she’d found the book at the Ooltewah Publix yesterday.


I stopped by on my way home from the Science Theatre today- and there it was….in all it’s glory.  It is in front of the beer section, at the end of the popcorn aisle, in a cardboard display.

Now dear readers- lest you be so overcome by happiness that 10 or 12 coupon booklets “accidentally” slip into your purse, let me please remind you that

  1. There are alot of ladies around here who have been praying for that coupon book for a long, long time.
  2. It’s just not cool to take more than one or two.
  3. Publix has cameras to catch JUST THIS SORT OF THING.  In fact, in talking to customer service, they have reported catching women on camera taking  an armful of books, and confronting them before they left the store.  Do you want that to happen missy?  DO you???

Of course not!  So take what you need, enjoy, and be thankful.  And if you can’t get your hands on one…. well, I might just save my 2 for a little giveaway in the near future.  Happy hunting!


Fun-Fridays at Rock Point gets “Artsy”

July 2, 2009


Every Firday at 10:30 AM Rock Point Books hosts a reading hour for the kiddos called “Fun Fridays”.  This Friday, The Hunter Art Museum is coming and the focus will be”Jellies: Living Art”.  They are also bringing artist Dale Chihuly with all the supplies to make artsy wire chandeliers with the kids!

New July Printables

July 2, 2009


Can I just take a momentary detour to say how much I love “Mad Men”?  If you haven’t seen it, it starts up again in August.  I’m just saying.  Mad Men.  Get on the bandwagon.  Okay!

There are several good new printables out for July- and some will inevitably reach their limit soon.  So let’s all give our printers a good old fashioned pep-talk and get ready for a coupon-printing marathon, shall we?  Find the following at Red Plum &

$1 off Keebler Cookies (has been reset)

$1 off Goody’s Ouchless

.55/1 Cheerios

.75/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios

$1.25 off DiGiorno

$1/2 Hefty Foam Plates (Makes SUPER-CHEAP plates at Bi-Lo this week!!)

.40/1 Suddenly Salad (great for Bi-Lo this week)

.50/1 Betty Crocker Fiber One Muffin Mix

$1.50 off Wanchai Ferry Frozen Meals

.40/1 Nature Valley Bars

$1 off Yoplait Fiber One (I’m sure this will make for 25¢ yogurt at Publix soon!!)

.50/6 Yoplait Cups

New Publix Coupon Book

July 2, 2009

If you’re heading out this week- check for the cardboard display carrying the new Curves Coupon Book.   It’s called “nothing Goes to Waist” and it looks like this:


And speaking of waist- it’s pretty skinny on the coupons, if you catch my drift- Looks like about $106 of that “$112 of Savings” is some waived fee for joining Curves.  Pllthh.  HOWEVER- right off the bat you can go ahead and use that $1/1 McCormick Spice coupon to get McCormick GrillMates at Publix this week for FREE!! The Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning is awesome on EVERYTHING….


While you are in Publix looking for coupons, here are some other recent books to keep your eyes out for.

Want even more coupons?  Sign up for this Kraft/Nabisco book HERE, and the Home Made Simple Book HERE to get some coupon goodies in the mail box!!