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CVS: 99¢ MILK: Appears to NOT be working in our region.

July 1, 2009

Guys/Gals- I’m sorry to get your hopes up, but I posted this before I checked on it- and it’s not a deal that works for our region.   I had my store manager check both Mayfield and Fieldcrest brand milk- and neither one of them printed out any ECB’s.  If you do have Borden’s or Dean’s in your area for a cheap price though, it is worth a try!  My apologies- Jamie


I have a family of 6, and we go through A LOT of milk.  Almost a gallon a day, to be exact.  Growing boys need their calcium- they can’t help it!  So I was pumped when I found out about this sweet deal just now at CVS…..

Buy 3 Gallons of Dean’s 2% Milk or Borden’s 2% Milk (Only working on the 2%, so far as I know).

You will pay $2 per gallon, for a total of $6

You will get back $3 in ECB, making the total 99¢ each!!

It looks like it has worked for several people so far, so I’ll be trying it sometime today- I’ll let you know how it goes!

AND…. Don’t forget to print out your Post Trail Mix coupons for NEXT week’s Moneymaker!!!

(Thanks DailyEssentialsandDeals!)

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